The Witches Audition Notice

Get togethers/ read throughs

Auditions will be held at The Tower Theatre, Folkestone, at 14:00 on Sunday 23rd August.

Please contact me directly – – for more information.

N.B. Read throughs were held on Wednesday 12th & 19th August 19:00 – 21:00.

Production dates

25th – 29th November 2015 with matinees on 28th and 29th.  There may be an opportunity to do an additional schools matinee on the 26th or 27th.


The following list is taken directly from the script including recommended doubling up:



Display Witch/ Witch One/ Voice of Maid

Lawyer/ Hotel Doorman/ Head Waiter

Sailor/ Doctor/ Mr Jenkins/ Head Chef

Tree-House Witch/ Mrs Jenkins/ Witch Two

Bruno Jenkins/ Frog/ Second Chef

Grand High Witch

Nurse/ Waitress


Witches (no individual lines)

Production notes

The production involves plenty of make-up, puppetry and illusion, with some interesting scenery challenges, so will be lots of fun!

I intend for the two boys, Boy (age 7) and Bruno (similarly aged), to be played by adults (male or female), though this is not set in stone – they could be played by teenagers.  Both roles are quite physical, involving comedy and puppetry.

Although the witches are mainly without individual lines, they feature prominently in the two major scenes and are vital to the character of the whole show!


We are running a poster competition to get local primary schools involved and to spread the word!